Patient and Nurses at Nottingham University Hospital

Patient and Nurses at Nottingham University Hospital

Ongoing Projects

  • Systematic synthesis of evidence from conversation analytic research on communication practices entailed in healthcare decision making
  • Systematic synthesis of evidence from interactional research on how people talk about difficult and uncertain future issues, to provide guidance for clinicians who need to discuss such matters with service users. Details here
  • VERDIS:Video-based communication research and training in decision-making in supportive and palliative care
  • Pilot study of feasibility and utility of video and audio recording consultations in a palliative care setting, aiming towards producing authentic, video-based communication skills teaching materials. Details here
  • Analysis of how patients and healthcare practitioners refer to parts of the body: ‘When is ‘your’ arm ‘the’ arm?’
  • Analysis of interactional aspects of goal setting in rehabilitation

Completed Projects

  • Mapped communication activities and practices across neurological rehabilitation treatment sessions.
  • Analyzed how physiotherapists and patients manage the delicate topics of patients’ physical shortcomings and failures.
  • Analyzed the effectiveness of training interventions to enhance communication performance in allied health professionals, and offered recommendations about the delivery of those interventions.
  • Surveyed teaching and learning communication skills in UK qualifying programmes in physiotherapy.
  • Contributed to a randomised controlled trial of additional physiotherapy for the arm and hand after stroke.